A Praying Church

Last month we began a prayer initiative at Trinity Presbyterian Church. The session has asked 21 people to commit to praying 21 minutes each week for the church, her work, and her mission. In the interest of helping those of you who have signed up, as well as encouraging everyone, whether you have a specific time-slot or not, to pray, here are some suggestions from the session regarding prayer for Trinity Presbyterian Church

  1. Pray for yourself and your family. I’ve often heard people repeat the saying, “As goes the family, so goes the nation.” Well, the same could be said of the church. Your prayer should begin at home, for those closest to you. Pray that you would have a softened, broken, repentant, and renewed heart. Pray to be holy, as God is holy. Pray that the Holy Spirit would use you to exalt the name of Christ. Pray to be used by God. Pray for your children and your extended family’s children to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Pray that they would make war against sin in their own lives, live responsibly, and be hedged in from wrong. Pray to “put off” unrighteousness as delineated in Ephesians 4 and “put on” Christ, as in Romans 13:14.
  2. Pray for our congregation. Pray for renewal and commitment as prayer warriors and as willing servants reaching out to a lost and spiritually blinded world. Pray for the spiritual and physical needs of our congregation. Pray for members and their families to faithfully bear witness to Christ in an increasingly hostile culture.
  3. Pray for our denomination. Pray for the PCA as it seeks to expand the outreach of the Reformed faith to areas “under-churched.” Pray that our church would be protected from scandal and heresy. Pray that our witness would bear fruit for the gospel.
  4. Pray for the pastor and his family. Pray that I would be a devoted servant of God, knowing God’s Word, loving God’s people and his kingdom; that I would study, practice, and teach the Word of the Lord.
  5. Pray for our Elders and Deacons. Pray that they will be protected from temptation. Pray that they will have a servant’s heart. Pray that the Spirit will grant them wisdom and enhance their love for the Church universal and our local congregation.
  6. Pray for the ministries of Trinity Presbyterian church. Pray for our worship services, Sunday School classes, Bible studies, and prayer meetings. Pray that these ministries will give glory to God alone, and that they will be edifying to members. Pray for Trinity’s special ministries for those in need. Pray especially for our brothers worldwide who are being persecuted for their faith – asking the God of all comfort to intervene in accordance with his will. Pray that all our committees and auxiliary groups would have members unselfish in motives and giving all the glory to our Heavenly Father.